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Updated: August 14, 2000, 11:00 EDT
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Piloting & Dead Reckoning
H. H. Shufeldt, G. D. Dunlap, Bruce A. Bauer; November 1999; United States Naval Inst.

Transportation GIS (Book+CD)
Laura Lang; June 1999; ESRI Press

Door-to-Door GPS
Door-to-Door CoPilot Version 1.0 GPS


Basic Essentials: Map and Compass
Cliff Jacobson; April 1999; Globe Pequot Press

An Introduction to the Mathematics and Methods of Astrodynamics
Richard H. Battin; April 1999; Amer Inst of Aeronautics

Vehicle Navigation System and Advanced Controls
Society of Automotive Engineer; March 1999; SAE

Integrated Navigation and Guidance Systems
Daniel J. Biezad; January 1999; Amer Inst of Aeronautics

Navigation and Intelligent Transportation Systems
Ronald K. Jurgen (Ed.), December 1998; Society of Automotive Engineers

Modern Inertial Technology: Navigation, Guidance, and Control
Anthony Lawrence; December 1998; Springer Verlag

Marine Radio-navigation and Communications
Jeffrey W. Monroe, Thomas L. Bushy; December 1998; Cornell Maritime Press

Texas GPS Companion
Clayton L. Wendt; November 15, 1998; Wendt Co.

Radar for Small Craft
Tim Bartlett; November 1998; Fernhurst Books

Sensor Modelling, Design and Data Processing for Autonomous Navigation
(World Scientific Series in Robotics and Intelligents Systems, Vol 13)

Martin David Adams; September 1998; World Scientific Pub. Co.

Geometry of Navigation (Ellis Horwood Series in Mathematics and Its Applications)
Roy Williams; July 1998; Albion/Horwood Pub.

North Central GPS Companion
Clayton Wendt (Ed.); July 5, 1998; Wendt Co.

Pacific Northwest GPS Companion
Clayton Wendt; May 1, 1998; Wendt Co.

GPS Instant Navigation: A Practical Guide from Basics to Advanced Techniques
Kevin Monahan, Don Douglass; March 1998; Fine Edge Productions

Garmin GPS II
Garmin GPS II Personal Navigator


GMDSS: Understanding the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System: The
New Marine Radio Communications Systems

John Campbell; February 1998; Waterline Books

Integrated, Adaptive and Intelligent Navigation, Guidance and Control System Design
Ching-Fang Lin; January 1, 1998; Prentice Hall

Qualitative Spatial Reasoning: Theory and Practice, Application to Robot Navigation
M.T. Escrig; January 1, 1998; IOS Press

Rail Transportation
E.J. Wolf (Ed.); January 1998; American Society of Mechanical Engineers

The Personal Robot Navigator (Book+Disk)
Merl K. Miller, Nelson B. Winkless, Kent Phelps, Joseph H. Bosworth; 1998; A.K. Peters

Parallel Processing Algorithms for GIS
R. Healey (Ed.), S. Dowers (Ed.), B. Gittings (Ed.), M.J. Minetar (Ed.); December 1997; Taylor & Francis

California GPS Companion
Clayton Wendt; November 1, 1997; Wendt Co.

Coastal Loran & GPS Coordinates
Susie Stebbins, Captain Rod, Rodney J Stebbins; October 1, 1997; Weak Industries

Linear Algebra, Geodesy, and GPS
Gilbert Strang, K. Borre; October 1997; Wellesley Cambridge Press

Fundamentals of High Accuracy Inertial Navigation
Averil B. Chatfield; September 1, 1997; Amer Inst of Aeronautics

Florida GPS Companion
Clayton Wendt; June 1, 1997; Wendt Co.

Atlas CD
TravRoute Road Trips CD Street Atlas


Illinois GPS Companion
Clayton Wendt; June 1, 1997; Wendt Co.

Intelligent Unmanned Ground Vehicles: Autonomous Navigation Research at Carnegie Mellon
Martial Hebert, Charles E. Thorpe, Anthony Stentz; June 1997; Kluwer Academic Pub.

GPS Waypoints: British Columbia Coast
Don Douglass; May 1997; Fine Edge Productions

Vehicle Location and Navigation Systems
Yilin Zhao; April 1997; Artech House

Global Positioning System: Theory and Practice
B. Hofmann-Wellenhof, H. Lichtenegger, J. Collins; May 1997; Springer Verlag

Vehicle Location and Navigation Systems
Yilin Zhao; April 1997; Artech House

Spaceflight Dynamics
William E. Wiesel; September 1996; McGraw Hill College Div.

Aerospace Sensor Systems and Applications
Shmuel Merhav; August 1996; Springer Verlag

Navigating Mobile Robots
Johann Borenstein; August 1996; A.K. Peters Ltd.

Electronic Navigation
Colin Jones; June 1996; Crowood Press

GPS Aviation Applications
Bill Clarke; June 1996; McGraw Hill

Orbital Mechanics
Vladimir A. Chobotov (Ed.); June 1996; Amer Inst of Aeronautics

The Global Positioning System and GIS: An Introduction
Michael Kennedy; May 1996; Ann Arbor Press

Avionics Navigation Systems
Myron Kayton (Ed.), Walter Fried (Contributor); April 1997; John Wiley & Sons

The Map-Building and Exploration Strategies of a Simple Sonar-Equipped Robot
David Lee; June 1996; Cambridge University Press

Understanding GPS: Principles and Applications
Elliott D. Kaplan (Ed.); March 1996; Artech House

Global Positioning System: Theory and Applications (Two Volume Set)
B.W. Parkinson (Ed.), J.J. Spilker (Ed.), Penina Axelrad, Per Enge; January 1, 1996; Amer Inst of Aeronautics

Compact Data for Navigation and Astronomy, 1996-2000 (Book+Disk)
B. D. Yallop; December 1995; The Stationery Office

Understanding the Navstar: GPS, GIS and IVHS
Tom Logsdon; August 1995; Van Nostrand Reinhold

GPS Navigator
Magellan 990437 GPS 315 12 Channel GPS Navigator

Magellan video Magellan GPS 315/320 video

Primer of Navigation : With Problems in Practical Work and Complete Tables
George W. Mixter (Ed.), Herrold Headley (Ed.); June 1995; W.W. Norton & Co.

Maritime Radio and Satellite Communications Manual
Ian Waugh; March 1995; Voyageur Press

In the Air (Real-World Mathematics Through Science)
Christine V. Johnson, Nancy Cook, Washington Mesa; February 1995; Addison-Wesley

Latitude Hooks and Azimuth Rings: How to Build and Use 18 Traditional Navigational Tools
Dennis Fisher; December 1994; International Marine Pub.

Global Positioning System Measurements on the Island of Hawaii from 1987 to 1990
John Dvorak; September 1994; U. S. Geological Survey

IEEE STS 528-1994: IEEE Standard for Inertial Sensor Terminology
IEEE; August 1994; IEEE

Sonar Engineering Handbook
Harrison T. Loeser; December 1993; Peninsula Pub.

Environmental Effects on Spacecraft Positioning and Trajectories
A. Vallance Jones (Ed.); October 1993; American Geophysical Union

Space Guidance Control and Tracking
Wade Sevaston (Ed.); June 1993; Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers

Transducers for Sonics and Ultrasonics
M.D. McCollum, B.F. Hamonic, O.B. Wilson (Ed.); February 1993; Technomic Pub. Co.

Global Positioning System: Navigation Message Timing Reference
Steven Callaghan; June 1992; Sgc Biomedical Engineering

Directed Sonar Sensing for Mobile Robot Navigation
John J. Leonard, Hugh F. Durrant-Whyte; June 1992; Kluwer Academic Pub.

The Navigation Control Manual
A.G. Bole, W.O. Dineley, C.E. Nicholls; May 1992; Butterworth-Heinemann

Signals, Noise, and Active Sensors: Radar, Sonar, Laser Radar
John Minkoff; March 1992; John Wiley & Sons

Sonar Signal Processing (Acoustics Library)
Richard O. Nielsen (Preface); July 1991; Artech House

Radar and Sonar: Part I (The IMA Volumes in Mathematics and Its Applications, Vol 32)
Richard E. Blahut, Willard Miller, Calvin H. Wilcox; May 1991; Springer Verlag

Radar and Sonar: Part II (I M A Volumes in Mathematics and Its Applications, Vol 39)
F. Alberto Grunbaum, Marvin Bernfeld, Richard E. Blahut (Ed.); January 1992; Springer Verlag

Power Transducers for Sonics and Ultrasonics
B.F. Hamonic; April 1991; Springer Verlag

Vision and Navigation: The Carnegie Mellon Navlab
Charles E. Thorpe (Ed.); July 1990; Kluwer Academic Pub.

Compact Data for Navigation and Astronomy for the Years 1991-1995
B. D. Yallop, C. Y. Hohenkerk; March 1990; Cambridge University Press

Introduction to the Theory and Design of Sonar Transducers
Oscar Wilson; June 1989; Peninsula Pub.

Computer Applications in Spacecraft Design and Operation
T.K.S. Murthy, R. Munch (Ed.); June 1987; Computational Mechanics

Formulae for the Mariner
August 1986; Cornell Maritime Press

Shipboard Antennas
Preston E., Jr. Law (Preface); August 1986; Artech House

Flight Theory and Aerodynamics: A Practical Guide for Operational Safety
Charles E. Dole; October 1981; John Wiley & Sons

Underwater Navigation
C. Royer; International Marine Publications Systems

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