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Smart Cards -- PDA -- Java

Updated: December 10, 2001, 19:45 EDT
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Smart Cards
PDA / Palm / Psion / Visor
JavaOS, Java VM, JINI
Windows CE / Pocket PC

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Smart Cards

Java Card Technology for Smart Cards: Programmer's Guide
Zhiqun Chen; June 2000; Addison-Wesley

Smart Card Developer's Kit (Book+CD)
Scott Guthery, Timothy M. Jurgensen; Macmillan Technical

Smart Cards: A Guide to Building and Managing Smart Card Applications
J. Thomas Monk, Henry N. Dreifus; December 24, 1997; John Wiley & Sons

Smart Card Security and Applications
Mike Hendry; September 1997; Artech House

Electronic Payment Systems
Donal O'Mahony, Michael Peirce, Hitesh Tewari; June 1997; Artech House

Smart Card Handbook
Rankl Wolfgang, Wolfgang Effing; June 1997; John Wiley & Son

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PDA / Palm / Psion / Visor

How to Do Everything with Your Palm Handheld
Dave Johnson, Rick Broida; March 2000; McGraw-Hill

Mastering Palm Organizers (Book_CD)
Gayle Ehrenman, Michael Zulich; January 2000; Sybex

PalmPilot and Palm Organizers! I Didn't Know You Could Do That... (Book+CD)
Neil J. Salkind; October 1999; Sybex

The Little Palm Book
Corbin Collins, Mic Bergen; October 1999; Peachpit Press

Palm OS Computing for Dummies (Book+CD)
Liz O'Hara, John Schettino; July 1999; IDG Books

PalmPilot: The Ultimate Guide (Book+CD)
David Pogue, Jeff Hawkins; 2nd Ed. June 1999; O'Reilly & Assoc

Sams Teach Yourself Palm Programming in 24 Hours (Book+CD)
Gavin Maxwell, Brad Jones; April 16, 1999; Sams

Palm Programming: The Developer's Guide (Book+CD)
Neil Rhodes, Julie McKeehan, Mark Stone; January 1999; O'Reilly & Associates


Palm IIIc
Palm IIIc
Palm IIIxe
Palm IIIxe
Palm VIIx
Palm VIIx

Palm m100
Palm m100
Palm Vx
Palm Vx

Motorola MC68328 "DragonBall" Microprocessor (used in Palm)
The Palm Directory (Excellent Palm Resources Site)

Palm Programming
Glenn Bachmann; January 1999; Macmillan Computer Publishing

56k modem
56k Modem for Palm, Psion, and Handspring Visor organizers

How to Write Your Own Programs for the Psion 3C
Mike Shaw; August 1, 1996

Psion 5MX
Psion 5MX
Psion Revo
Psion Revo

How to Write Your Own Psion Series 3A Programs: The Complete Beginner's Guide
Mike Shaw; August 1, 1996

Handspring Visor
Handspring Visor
Visor Deluxe
Visor Deluxe (Blue)

Visor! I Didn't Know You Could Do That...
Neil J. Salkind; April 2000; Sybex

Handspring Visor for Dummies
Bill Dyszel; January 15, 2000; IDG Books

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Windows CE / Pocket PC

Windows CE Clear & Simple
Craig Peacock; November 1999; Digital Press

Microsoft Windows CE Developer's Kit (Book+CD)
Microsoft Corporation; September 1999; Microsoft Press

Sams Teach Yourself Windows CE Programming in 24 Hours (Book+CD)
J.P. Nottingham, S. Makofsky, A. Tucker; August 19, 1999; Sams

Professional Visual Basic Windows CE Programming
Larry Roof; August 1999; Wrox Press

Windows CE Tool Kit for Visual Basic or
Windows Ce Tool Kit Upgrade for Visual Basic


Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Learning Edition or
Visual Basic Professional 6.0 with Plus Pack or
Visual Basic Professional 6.0 with Plus Pack Competitive Upgrade Version


Windows CE From the Ground Up
Jean Louis Gareau; May 6, 1999; Annabooks

Aero 1550
Compaq Aero 1550
iPAQ H3650
iPAQ H3650

Windows CE Developer's Handbook (Book+CD)
T.A. Goggin, D.L. Heskett, J.M. MacLean; April 1999; Sybex

Essential Windows CE Application Programming (Book+CD)
Robert Burdick; March 1999; John Wiley & Sons

Programming Windows CE (Book+CD)
Douglas Boling; October 1998; Microsoft Press

Inside Microsoft Windows CE
John Murray; September 1998; Microsoft Press

Windows CE 2 For Dummies
Jinjer L. Simon; December 10, 1997; IDG Books

Windows CE 2 for Dummies Quick Reference
Jinjer L. Simon; December 1997; IDG Books

Windows CE Programming: Developing Applications for the Handheld PC
Jeff Baker; December 1997; Macmillan Technical

Introducing Microsoft Windows CE for the Handheld PC
Robert O'Hara; May 1997; Microsoft Press

Jornada 545
Jornada 545

Windows CE Tool Kit for Visual C 6.0

Windows CE Tool Kit Upgrade for Visual C

Visual Programming C++ 6 Starter Kit

Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 Standard

Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 Professional Upgrade with Plus Pack

Visual C++ 6.0 Professional Edition with Plus Pack

Visual C Enterprise 6.0 with Plus Pack

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JavaOS -- Java Virtual Machine -- JINI

Java 2 Micro Edition (Book+CD)
Eric Giguere; November 2000; John Wiley & Sons

JINI in a Nutshell: A Desktop Quick Reference
Scott Oaks, Henry Wong; March 2000; O'Reilly & Associates

W. Keith Edwards; June 25, 1999; Prentice Hall

JavaSpaces Principles, Patterns and Practice
Eric Freeman, Susanne Hupfer, Ken Arnold; June 1999; Addison-Wesley

The JINI Specification
K. Arnold, A. Wollrath; June 1999; Addison-Wesley

Programming for the Java Virtual Machine (Book+CD)
Joshua Engel; June 1999; Addison-Wesley

The Java Virtual Machine Specification
Tim Lindholm, Frank Yellin; 2nd Edition, April 1999; Addison-Wesley

The Inside JavaOS Operating System
T. Saulpaugh, T. Clements, C.A. Mirho; February 1999; Addison-Wesley

Core Java 2, Volume 1: Fundamentals (Book+CD)
Cay S. Horstmann, Gary Cornell; December 15, 1998; Prentice Hall

Essential JNI: Java Native Interface
R. Gordon, A. McClellan; April 1998; Prentice Hall

Inside the Java Virtual Machine (Book+CD)
Bill Venners; December 1997; Computing McGraw-Hill

Java Virtual Machine (Book+Disk)
J. Meyer, T. Downing, A. Shulmann; April 1997; O'Reilly & Associates

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