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FPGA: Field-Programmable Gate Arrays
ASIC: Application-Specific Integrated Circuits
VLSI: Very Large-Scale Integration

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Real World FPGA Design with Verilog
Ken Coffman; November 15, 1999; Prentice Hall

Architecture and CAD for Deep-Submicron FPGAs
Vaughn Betz, Jonathan Rose, Alexander Marquardt; February 1999; Kluwer Academic
Note: Versatile Placement and Routing (VPR) software is available free for
noncommercial use from the University of Toronto

Programmable Logic Handbook: PLDs, CPLDs and FPGAs
Ashok K. Sharma; May 1998; McGraw Hill Text

Programmable Logic: PLDs and FPGAs
Richard C. Seals, G. F. Whapshott (Contributor); April 1997; McGraw Hill Text

FPGAs and Programmable LSI: A Designer's Handbook
Geoff Bostock; August 1996; Butterworth-Heinemann

HDL Chip Design: A Practical Guide for Designing, Synthesizing and
Simulating ASICs & FPGAs Using VHDL or Verilog

Douglas J. Smith; June 1996; Doone Pub.

Field-Programmable Gate Arrays
Stephen D. Brown, Robert Francis, Johnathan Rose, Zvonko Vranesic; June 1992; Kluwer Academic

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Deep-Submicron CMOS ICs - From Basics to ASICs
Harry Veendrick; August 1, 1999; Kluwer Academic

Advanced ASIC Chip Synthesis: Using Synopsys Design Compiler and Primetime
Himanshu Bhatnagar; June 29, 1999; Kluwer Academic

Reuse Methodology Manual for System-On-A-Chip Designs, 2nd Edition
Michael Keating, Pierre Bricaud; June 1999; Kluwer Academic

Timing Verification of Application-Specific Integrated Circuits
Farzad Nekoogar; June 1999; Prentice Hall

It's the Methodology, Stupid!
P. Kurup, T. Abbasi, R. Bedi; December 1, 1998; ByteK Designs

Formal Equivalence Checking and Design Debugging
Shi-Yu Huang, Kwang-Ting Cheng; June 1998; Kluwer Academic

Application-Specific Integrated Circuits
Michael John Sebastian Smith; June 1997; Addison-Wesley

Application Specific Processors
Earl E. Swartzlander (Ed.); June 1997; Kluwer Academic

HDL Chip Design: A Practical Guide for Designing, Synthesizing and
Simulating ASICs & FPGAs Using VHDL or Verilog

Douglas J. Smith; June 1996; Doone Pub.

Monolithic Phase-Locked Loops and Clock Recovery Circuits: Theory and Design
Behzad Razavi (Ed.); April 1996; IEEE

ASIC Outlook, 1994: Application Specific IC Report and Directory
William McClean; July 1993; I C E Corp.

MOSICs: From Basics to ASICs
H.J.M. Veendrick; November 1992; John Wiley & Sons

Logic Design for Array-Based Circuits: A Structured Design Methodology
D. E. White; August 1992; Academic Press

High Level Synthesis of ASICs Under Timing and Synchronization Constraints
David C. Ku, Giovanni De Micheli; June 1992; Kluwer Academic

Surviving the ASIC Experience
John Schroeter; January 1992; Prentice Hall

Designer's Guide to Testable ASIC Devices
Wayne M. Needham; January 1991; Chapman & Hall

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Towards the Visual Microprocessor: VLSI Design and the Use of
Cellular Neural Network Universal Machines

T. Roska (Ed.), Angel Rodriguez-Vasquez (Ed.); March 2000; John Wiley & Sons

VLSI Design
M. Michael Vai; February 2000; CRC Press

Silicon VLSI Technology: Fundamentals, Practice, and Modeling
James D. Plummer, Michael D. Deal, Peter B. Griffin; November 19, 1999; Prentice Hall

Low Power CMOS VLSI Circuit Design
Kaushik Roy, Sharat Prasad; November 1999; John Wiley & Sons

Radio-Frequency Microelectronic Circuits for Telecommunication Applications
Yannis E. Papananos; October 1999; Kluwer Academic

Algorithms for VLSI Physical Design Automation
Naveed A. Sherwani; 3rd edition June 1999; Kluwer Academic Pub.

Algorithms, Complexity Analysis & VLSI Architectures for MPEG-4 Motion Estimation
Peter Kuhn; June 1999; Kluwer Academic

Learning on Silicon: Adaptive VLSI Neural Systems
Gert Cauwenberghs (Ed.), Magdy A. Bayoumi (Ed.); June 1999; Kluwer Academic

Reuse Techniques for VLSI Design
Ralf Seepold (Ed.), Arno Kunzmann (Ed.); June 1999; Kluwer Academic

Cellular Neural Networks: Chaos, Complexity and VLSI Processing
G. Manganaro, P. Arena, L. Fortuna; May 1999; Springer Verlag

Parallel VLSI Neural System Design
David Zhang; April 1999; Springer Verlag

Timing Analysis and Optimization of Sequential Circuits
Naresh Maheshwari, Sachin S. Sapatnekar; February 1999; Kluwer Academic

VLSI Digital Signal Processing Systems: Design and Implementation
Keshab K. Parhi; February 1999; John Wiley & Sons

VLSI Testing: Digital and Mixed Analogue/Digital Techniques
Stanley L. Hurst; February 1999; Inspec/IEEE

Low-Voltage CMOS VLSI Circuits
James B. Kuo, Jea-Hong Loul January 1999; John Wiley & Sons

Genetic Algorithms for VLSI Design, Layout and Test Automation
Pinaki Mazumder, Elizabeth M. Rudnick, Mazumder Pinaki; December 9, 1998; Prentice Hall

Characterization and Metrology for ULSI Technology
David Seiler (Ed.), A.C.Diebold (Ed.), W.M.Bullis (Ed.); December 1998; Amer Inst of Physics

Algorithms for VLSI Design Automation
Sabih H. Gerez; November 1998; John Wiley & Son Ltd.

CMOS VLSI Engineering: Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI)
James B. Kuo, Ker-Wei Su; November 1998; Kluwer Academic

Fundamentals of Modern VLSI Devices
Yuan Taur, Tak H. Ning; November 1998; Cambridge Univ. Press

Ultraclean Surface Processing of Silicon Wafers: Secrets of VLSI Manufacturing
Takeshi Hattori; November 1998; Springer Verlag

VLSI Custom Microelectronics: Digital, Analog, and Mixed-Signal
Stanley L. Hurst; November 1998; Marcel Dekker

Algorithms and Data Structures in VLSI Design: OBDD-Foundations and Applications
Christoph Meinel, Thorsten Theobald; October 1998; Springer Verlag

International Conference on Computer Design: VLSI in Computers and Processors
IEEE Computer Society; October 1998; IEEE Computer Society

Delay Fault Testing for VLSI Circuits
Angela Krstic, Kwang-Ting Cheng; September 1998; Kluwer Academic

Place Coding in Analog VLSI: A Neuromorphic Approach to Computation
Oliver Landolt; August 1998; Kluwer Academic

Adaptive Resonance Theory Microchips - Circuit Design Techniques
Teresa Serrano-Gotarredona, Bernabe Linares-Barranco, Andre Andreou; July 1998; Kluwer Academic

Modern VLSI Design: Systems on Silicon
Wayne Hendrix Wolf; July 1998; Prentice Hall

Evolutionary Algorithms for VLSI CAD
Rolf Drechsler; June 1998; Kluwer Academic

High-Level Power Analysis and Optimization
Anand Raghunathan, Niraj K. Jha, Sujit Dey; June 1998; Kluwer

Basic ESD and I/O Design
Sanjay Dabral, Timothy J. Maloney; May 1998; John Wiley & Sons

Cellular Neural Networks and Analog VLSI
Leon O. Chua (Ed.), Glenn Gulak (Ed.), Edmund Pierzchala (Ed.); March 1998; Kluwer Academic

Design With Operational Amplifiers and Analog Integrated Circuits
(Electronics and VLSI Circuits)

Sergio Franco; January 1998; McGraw Hill College Div.

Fuzzy Hardware: Architectures and Applications
Abraham Kandel (Ed.), Gideon Langholz (Ed.); January 1998; Kluwer Academic

High-Performance VLSI Signal Processing: Innovative Architectures & Algorithms
K.J. Ray Liu (Ed.), Kung Yao (Ed.); January 1998; IEEE

Formal Hardware Verification: Methods and Systems in Comparison
Thomas Kropf (Ed.), G. Goos (Ed.), J. Hartmanis (Ed.); November 1997; Springer Verlag

Logic Synthesis for Low Power VLSI Designs
Sasan Iman, Massoud Pedram; November 1997; Kluwer Academic

Practical Low Power Digital VLSI Design
Gary Yeap; November 1997; Kluwer Academic

Analog Design Issues in Digital VLSI Circuit and Systems
Juan J. Becerra (Ed.), Eby G. Friedman (Ed.); September 1997; Kluwer Academic

Reasoning in Boolean Networks: Logic Synthesis and Verification Using Testing Techniques
Wolfgang Kunz, Dominik Stoffel; June 1997; Kluwer Academic

VLSI Planarization: Methods, Models, Implementation
V. Feinberg, A. Levin, E. Rabinovich; April 1997; Kluwer Academic

VLSI Circuit Simulation and Optimization
V. Litovski, M. Zwolinski (Ed.); March 1997; Chapman & Hall

Digital Circuit Testing and Testability
Parag K. Lala; February 1997; Academic Press

High-Level Test Synthesis of Digital VLSI Circuits
Mike Tien-Chien Lee; February 1997; Artech House

VLSI-Compatible Immplementations for Artificial Neural Networks
Sied Mehdi Fakhraie, Kenneth Carless Smith; January 1997; Kluwer Academic

VLSI: Integrated Systems on Silicon
Ricardo Reis, Luc Claesen; 1997; Kluwer Academic

Analog VLSI Integration of Massive Parallel Processing Systems
Peter Kinget, Michiel Steyaert; December 1996; Kluwer Academic

ARM System Architecture, VLSI Edition
Steve Furber; December 1996; Addison-Wesley

VLSI Digital Systems: Architectgure, Organization, and Implementation
Ramautar Sharma; September 1, 1996; McGraw-Hill

Microelectronics: An Integrated Approach
Roger Thomas Howe, Charles Sodini; August 1996; Prentice Hall

High-Performance Digital VLSI Circuit Design
Richard X. Gu, Khaled M. Sharaf, Mohamed I. Elmasry; June 1996; Kluwer Academic

Logic Synthesis and Verification Algorithms
Gary D. Hachtel, Fabio Somenzi; June 1996; Kluwer Academic

Low Power VLSI Design and Technology
G. K. Yeap (Ed.), F. N. Najm (Ed.); June 1996; World Scientific Pub. Co.

Modeling and Simulation of Mixed Analog-Digital Systems
Brian Antao (Ed.); June 1996; Kluwer Academic

Pipelined Lattice and Wave Digital Recursive Filters
Jin-Gyun Chung, Keshab K. Parhi; May 1996; Kluwer Academic

Representations of Discrete Functions
Tsutomu Sasao (Ed.), Masahiro Fujita (Ed.); May 1996; Kluwer Academic

The Science and Engineering of Microelectronic Fabrication
Stephen A. Campbell; March 1996; Oxford Univ. Press

From Contamination to Defects, Faults and Yield Loss: Simulation and Applications
Jitendra B. Khare, Wojciech Maly; March 1996; Kluwer Academic

Binary Decision Diagrams and Applications for VLSI CAD
Shin-Ichi Minato; February 1996; Kluwer Academic

High-Speed Digital Circuits
Masakazu Shoji; February 1996; Addison-Wesley

Adaptive Analog VLSI Neural Systems
M. A. Jabri, R. J. Coggins, B. G. Flower; January 1996; Chapman & Hall

An Introduction to VLSI Physical Design
M. Sarrafzadeh, C.K. Wong; January 1996; McGraw Hill College Div.

Manufacturing Yield Evaluation of VLSI/WSI Systems
Bruno Ciciani (Ed.); December 1995; IEEE Computer Society

VLSI Signal Processing
Takao Nishitani (Ed.), Keshab K. Parhi (Ed.); September 1995; IEEE

CMOS Digital Integrated Circuits: Analysis and Design
Sung-Mo Kang, Yusuf Leblebici, Yusef Leblebici; August 1995; McGraw Hill

Control and Optimization (Chapman & Hall Mathematics Series)
B. D. Craven; August 1995; Chapman & Hall

VLSI & Parallel Computing for Pattern Recognition & Artificial Intelligence
(Series in Machine Perception and Artificial Intelligence, Vol 18)

N. Ranganathan (Ed.); June 1995; World Scientific Pub. Co.

VLSI Digital Signal Processors: An Introduction to Rapid Prototyping and Design Synthesis
Vijay Madisetti; June 1995; Butterworth-Heinemann

Basic Digital Electronics: With an Emphasis on Practical Design and VLSI
J.R. Burger; May 1995; Krieger Publishing

Digital Timing Macro-modeling for VLSI Design Verification
Jeong-Taek Kong, David Overhauser; May 1995; Kluwer Academic

Digit-Serial Computation
Richard Hartley, Keshab K. Parhi (Ed.); April 1995; Kluwer Academic

Vision Chips: Implementing Vision Algorithms With Analog VLSI Circuits
Christof Koch (Ed.), Hua Li (Ed.); March 1995; IEEE Computer Society

Parallel Methods for VLSI Layout Design
C.P. Ravikumar; February 1995; Ablex Pub. Corp.

VLSI Physical Design Automation: Theory and Practice
Sadiq M. Sait, Habib Youssef; February 1995; IEEE

Basic VLSI Design (Silicon Systems Engineering)
Douglas A. Pucknell, K. Eshraghlan (Contributor); January 1995; Prentice Hall

Complete Guide to Semiconductor Devices
Kwok K. Ng; January 1995; McGraw Hill College Div.

Digital Logic Analysis and Design
George W. Zobrist; January 1995; Ablex Pub. Corp.

IDDQ Testing for CMOS VLSI (The Artech House Optoelectronics Library)
Rochit Rajsuman; January 1995; Artech House

Neural Information Processing and VLSI
Bing Jay Sheu, Joongho Choi; January 1995; Kluwer Academic

On Optimal Interconnections for VLSI
Andrew B. Kahng, Gabriel Robins; January 1995; Kluwer Academic

Routing in the Third Dimension: From VLSI Chips to MCMs
Siddharth Bhingarde, Anand Panyam; January 1995; IEEE

Advances in Distributed and Parallel Processing: Applications in
Optimization, Fluid Dynamics, and VLSI

Harry W. Tyrer; December 1994; Intellect

VLSI for Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence
Jose G. Delgado-Frias, William R. Moore (Ed.); December 1994; Plenum Pub.

Routing, Placement, and Partitioning
George W. Zobrist (Ed.); November 1994; Intellect

Neurocomputers: An Overview of Neural Networks in VLSI
Manfred Glesner, W. Pochmuller (Ed.); October 1994; Chapman & Hall

Silicon Processing for the VLSI Era Vol. 3: The Submicron MOSFET
Stanley Wolf; October 1994; Lattice Press

Parallel Processing: The Transputer and Its Applications
D.Crookes (Ed.), P.J.Sweeney (Ed.), M.E.Hull (Ed.); September 1994; Addison-Wesley

Vision Chips: Implementing Vision Algorithms With Analog VLSI Circuits
Christof Koch, Hua Li; September 1994; IEEE Computer Society

VLSI Artificial Neural Networks Engineering
Mohamed I. Elmasry (Ed.); September 1994; Kluwer Academic

VLSI Signal Processing Technology
Magdy A. Bayoumi; September 1994; Kluwer Academic

Parallel Algorithms for VLSI Computer-Aided Design
Prithviraj Banerjee; June 14, 1994; Prentice Hall

Logic Synthesis (McGraw-Hill Series on Computer Engineering)
Srinivas Devadas, Abhijit Ghosh, Kurt Keutzer; May 1994; McGraw Hill

Timed Boolean Functions: A Unified Formalism for Exact Timing Analysis
William K.C. Lam, Robert K. Brayton; April 1994; Kluwer Academic

VLSI Prolog Processor, Design and Methodology: A Case Study in
High Level Language Processor Design

Pierluigi Civera, Guido Masera, Gianluca Piccinini; April 1994; North-Holland

Wave Pipelining: Theory and CMOS Implementation
C. Thomas Gray; April 1994; Kluwer Academic

An Analog VLSI System for Stereoscopic Vision
Misha Mahowald; March 1994; Kluwer Academic

Analog VLSI: Signal and Information Processing
Mohammed Ismail, Terri Fiez (Ed.); March 1994; McGraw Hill College Div.

Design of Analog Integrated Circuits and Systems
Kenneth R. Laker, W.M.C. Sansen (Contributor); March 1994; McGraw Hill

High-Speed VLSI Interconnections: Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation
Ashok K. Goel; March 1994; John Wiley & Sons

Synthesis and Optimization of Digital Circuits
Giovanni De Micheli; March 1994; McGraw Hill College Div.

VLSI Fabrication Principles: Silicon and Gallium Arsenide
Sorab K. Ghandhi; March 1994; John Wiley & Sons

Algorithmic Aspects of VLSI Layout
Majid Sarrafzadeh (Ed.), D.T. Lee (Ed.); February 1994; World Scientific

Handshake Circuits: An Asynchronous Architecture for VLSI Programming
Kees Van Berkel; February 1994; Cambridge Univ. Press

Modern VLSI Design: A Systems Approach
Wayne H. Wolf; February 1994; Prentice Hall

Analog Device-Level Layout Automation
John M. Cohn (Ed.); January 1994; Kluwer Academic

Analogue Neural VLSI: A Pulse Stream Approach
Lionel Tarassenko (Contributor), Alan F. Murray; January 1994; Chapman & Hall

Microelectronic Devices and Circuits
Clifton G. Fonstad; January 1994; McGraw Hill College Div.

Statistical Approach to VLSI (Advances in CAD for VLSI, Vol 8)
S.W. Director, W. Maly; January 1994; North-Holland

VLSI Design Methodologies for Digital Signal Processing Architectures
Magdy A. Bayoumi (Ed.); January 1994; Kluwer Academic

Contemporary Logic Design
Randy H. Katz; September 1993; Addison-Wesley

Formal Methods in Circuit Design
Victoria Stavridou; August 1993; Cambridge Univ. Press

Introduction to VLSI Process Engineering
Society of Chemical Engineers of Japan (Ed.); August 1993; Chapman & Hall

MOSFET Models for VLSI Circuit Simulation: Theory and Practice
N. Arora; August 1993; Springer Verlag

Design of Analog-Digital VLSI Circuits for Telecommunications & Signal Processing
Jose Franca (Ed.), Yannis Tsividis (Ed.); July 22, 1993; Prentice Hall

Hot-Carrier Reliability of MOS VLSI Circuits
Yusuf Leblebici, Sung-Mo Kang; June 1993; Kluwer Academic

Principles of CMOS VLSI Design: A Systems Perspective
Neil H.E. Weste, K. Eshragian; May 1993; Addison-Wesley

VLSI Video/Image Signal Processing
Takao Nishitani, Peng H. Ang, Francky Catthoor (Ed.); May 1993; Kluwer Academic

Acoustical and Environmental Robustness in Automatic Speech Recognition
Alejandro Acero; March 1993; Kluwer Academic

Handbook of VLSI Chip Design and Expert Systems
A.F. Schwarz; March 1993; Academic Press

Motion Analysis and Image Sequence Processing
M. Ibrahim Sezan, Reginald L. Lagendijk; March 1993; Kluwer Academic

Statistical Modeling for Computer-Aided Design of Mos VLSI Circuits
Christopher Michael, Mohammed Ismail; March 1993; Kluwer Academic

Self-Testing VLSI Design
V.N. Yarmolik, I.V. Kachan; February 1993; Elsevier Science

Computer Aided Logical Design With Emphasis on VLSI
Fredrick J. Hill, Gerald R. Peterson; January 1993; John Wiley & Sons

IDDQ Testing of VLSI Circuits
Ravi K. Gulati, Charles F. Hawkins (Ed.); January 1993; Kluwer Academic

Semiconductor Device Modeling for VLSI
Kwyro Lee, Michael Shur, Tor A. Fjeldly, Trond Ytterdal; January 1993; Prentice Hall

VLSI Fault Modeling and Testing Techniques
George W. Zobrist (Ed.); January 1993; Intellect

Digital Hardware Testing: Transistor-Level Fault Modeling and Testing
Rochit Rajsuman (Ed.); December 1992; Artech House

Handbook of Ion Implantation Technology
J.F. Ziegler (Ed.); December 1992; North-Holland

Integrated Circuit Defect-Sensitivity: Theory and Computational Models
Jose Pineda De Gyvez; December 1992; Kluwer Academic

Metallization; Theory and Practice for VLSI and ULSI
Shyam P. Murarka; December 1992; Butterworth Heinemann

Analog VLSI Neural Networks
Yoshiyasu Takefuji (Ed.); November 1992; Kluwer Academic

Anatomy of a Silicon Compiler
Robert W. Brodersen (Ed.); June 1992; Kluwer Academic

Electronic CAD Frameworks
Timothy J. Barnes, David Harrison, A.R. Newton, R.L. Spickelmier; June 1992; Kluwer Academic

Fault Covering Problems in Reconfigurable VLSI Systems
Ran Libeskind-Hadas, Nany Hasan, Jason Cong; June 1992; Kluwer Academic

The SECD Microprocessor: A Verification Case Study
Brian T. Graham; June 1992; Kluwer Academic

Systolic Computations (Mathematics and Its Applications)
M.A. Frumkin; April 1992; Kluwer Academic

Algorithmic and Knowledge Based CAD for VLSI
Gaynor E. Taylor (Ed.), G. Russell; March 1992; Peter Peregrinus Ltd.

Assessing Fault Model and Test Quality
Kenneth M. Butler, Melvin Ray Mercer; January 1992; Kluwer Academic

Circuit Design for CMOS VLSI
John P. Uyemura; January 1992; Kluwer Academic

High-Level Synthesis: Introduction to Chip and System Design
Daniel D. Gajski; January 1992; Kluwer Academic

Optimal VLSI Architectural Synthesis: Area, Performance and Testability
Catherine H. Gebotys, Mohamed I. Elmasry; January 1992; Kluwer Academic

VLSI Metallization: Physics and Technologies
Krishna Shenai (Ed.); December 1991; Artech House

Semiconductor Device Processing: Technology Trends in the VLSI Era
Robert N. Castellano; November 1991; Gordon & Breach Science Pub.

VLSI Circuits and Systems in Silicon
Andrew Brown (Ed.); November 1991; Glencoe McGraw Hill

Parallel Algorithms and Architectures for DSP Applications
Magdy A. Bayoumi (Ed.); September 1991; Kluwer Academic

The Design of Communicating Systems: A System Engineering Approach
C.J. Koomen; August 1991; Kluwer Academic

Very Large Scale Computation in the 21st Century
Jill P. Mesirov (Ed.); July 1991; Society for Industrial & Applied Mathematics

Microwave Semiconductor Devices
Sigfrid Yngvesson; June 1991; Kluwer Academic

Multilayer Ceramic Substrate-Technology for VLSI Package/Multichip Module
Kanji Otsuka; June 1991; Chapman & Hall

Dry Etching for VLSI
A.J. Van Roosmalen, J.A.G. Baggerman, S.J.H. Brader; May 1991; Plenum Pub.

Formal Specification and Verification in VLSI Design
Bruce S. Davie; May 1991; Edinburgh Univ. Press

Parallel Processing on VLSI Arrays
Josef A. Nossek (Ed.); May 1991; Kluwer Academic

A Survey of High-Level Synthesis Systems
Robert A. Walker, Raul Camposano (Ed.); May 1991; Kluwer Academic

Neural Networks and Speech Processing
David P. Morgan, Christopher L. Scofield; April 1991; Kluwer Academic

Theoretical Foundations of VLSI Design
K. McEvoy, J.V. Tucker (Ed.); February 1991; Cambridge Univ. Press

Computational Electronics: Semiconductor Transport and Device Simulation
K. Hess, J.P. Leburton, Ravaioli (Ed.); January 1991; Kluwer Academic

Gallium Arsenide Digital Circuits
Omar Wing; December 1990; Kluwer Academic

Path, Flows and VLSI-Layout (Algorithms and Combinatorics, Vol 9)
B. Korte, L. Lovasz, H.J. Promel, A. Schrijver; December 1990; Springer Verlag

Advances in Computer-Aided Engineering Design
Ibrahim N. Hajj (Ed.); November 1990; JAI Press

Defect and Fault Tolerance in VLSI Systems
C.H. Stapper, V.K. Jain, Saucier G. (Ed.); November 1990; Plenum Pub. Corp.

Diagnostic Measurements in LSI/VLSI Integrated Circuits Production
Andrzej Jakubowski, Wieslaw Marciniak, Henryk M. Przewlocki; November 1990; World Scientific

High Performance BiCMOS Technology and Its Applications to VLSIs
Ikuro Masuda, Hideo Maejima; September 1990; Gordon & Breach Science Pub.

Formal VLSI Specification and Synthesis: VLSI Design Methods I
Formal VLSI Correctness Verification: VLSI Design Methods II

August 1990; North-Holland

Introduction to Analog VLSI Design Automation
Mohammed Ismail, Jose Franca (Ed.); July 1990; Kluwer Academic

VLSI and Parallel Computation
Robert Suaya, Graham Birtwhistle (Ed.); July 1990; Morgan Kaufmann Pub.

Digital VLSI Systems
Mohamed I. Elmasry (Ed.); June 1990; IEEE

Rapid Reliability Assessment of VLSICs
A.P. Dorey, B.K. Jones, A.M.D. Richardson, Y.Z. Xu; June 1990; Plenum Pub.

Automatic Programming Applied to VLSI CAD Software: A Case Study
Dorothy E. Setliff, Rob A. Rutenbar; May 1990; Kluwer Academic

Principles of VLSI System Planning: A Framework for Conceptual Design
Allen M. Dewey, Stephen W. Director; May 1990; Kluwer Academic

VLSI Reliability
Anant G. Sabnis; May 1990; Academic Press

VLSI Design Methods
L.J.M. Claesen; May 1990; Elsevier Science Ltd.

Introduction to VLSI Design
Eugene D. Fabricius; April 1990; McGraw Hill College Div.

Computational Aspects of VLSI Design With an Emphasis on Semiconductor Device Simulation
Randolph E. Bank (Ed.); March 1990; American Mathematical Society

Silicon Processing for the VLSI Era: Process Integration
Stanley Wolf; March 1990; Lattice Press

Progress in Computer Aided VLSI Design: Implementations
Progress in Computer Aided VLSI Design: Techniques
Progress in Computer Aided VLSI Design: Tools

George W. Zobrist; February 1990; Intellect

Nonlinear Digital Filters: Principles and Applications
Ioannis Pitas, A.N. Venetsanopoulos; January 1990; Kluwer Academic

Testing and Reliable Design of CMOS Circuits
Niraj K. Jha, Sandip Kundu; February 1990; Kluwer Academic

Reduced Thermal Processing for ULSI
Roland A. Levy (Ed.); January 1990; Plenum Pub.

Unified Methods for VLSI Simulation and Test Generation
Kwang-Ting Cheng; September 1989; Kluwer Academic

The Annealing Algorithm
R.H.J.M. Otten, L.P.P.P. Van Ginneken; June 1989; Kluwer Academic

Simulated Annealing (SA and Optimization: Modern Algorithms With
VLSI, Optimal Design, and Missile Defense Applications)

Mark E. Johnson (Ed.); June 1989; American Sciences Press

Analog VLSI and Neural Systems
Carver Mead; May 1989; Addison-Wesley

Submicron Integrated Circuits
R.K. Watts; May 1989; John Wiley & Sons

Advanced Simulation and Test Methodologies for VLSI Design
Gordon Russell, Ian L. Sayers; April 1989; Chapman & Hall

Speech Time Frequency Representations
Michael D. Riley; November 1988; Kluwer Academic

VLSI RISC Architecture and Organization
Stephen B. Furber; June 1989 Marcel Dekker

Switch Level Timing Simulation of MOS VLSI Circuits
Vasant B. Rao; January 1989; Kluwer Academic

A Systolic Array Optimizing Compiler
Monica S. Lam; January 1989; Kluwer Academic

Simulated Annealing for VLSI Design
D.F. Wong, H.W. Leong, C.L. Liu; March 1988; Kluwer Academic

Ultra Large Scale Integrated Microelectronics
David K. Ferry, Lex A. Akers, Edwin W. Greeneich; March 1988; Prentice Hall

Hardware Description Languages (Advances in CAD for VLSI, Vol 7)
Reiner W. Hartenstein (Ed.); January 1988; Elsevier Science

Built In Test for VLSI: Pseudorandom Techniques
Paul H. Bardell, William H. McAnney, Jacob Savir; October 1987; John Wiley & Sons

Systolic Arrays
Will Moore, Andrew McCabe, Roddy Urquhart (Ed.); July 1987; Adam Hilger

All the Right Moves: A VLSI Architecture for Chess
Carl Ebeling; June 1987; MIT Press

An Artificial Intelligence Approach to Test Generation
Narinder Singh; April 1987; Kluwer Academic

Operation and Modeling of the MOS Transistor
Yannis P. Tsividis; March 1987; McGraw Hill College Div.

LSI/VLSI Testability Design
Frank F. Tsui; February 1987; McGraw Hill

Multi-Level Simulation for VLSI Design
Dwight D. Hill, David R. Coelho; January 1987; Kluwer Academic

Logic Design and Simulation (Advances in CAD for VLSI, 2)
E. Horbst (Ed.); December 1986; Elsevier Science

The Physics and Fabrication of Microstructures and Microdevices
M.J. Kelly, C. Weisbuch (Ed.); September 1986; Springer Verlag

The Bounding Approach to VLSI Circuit Simulation
Charles A. Zukowski; August 1986; Kluwer Academic

An Artificial Intelligence Approach to VLSI Routing
Rostam Joobbani; March 1986; Kluwer Academic

Trace Theory and VLSI Design
Jan L.A. Van De Snepscheut; January 1986; Springer Verlag

An Artificial Intelligence Approach to VLSI Design
T.J. Kowalski; July 1985; Kluwer Academic

Logic Minimization Algorithms for VLSI Synthesis
Robert K. Brayton, Gary D. Hachtel, Curtis T. McMullen; August 1984; Kluwer Academic

Semi-Custom IC Design and VLSI
P.J. Hicks (Ed.); March 1984; Inspec/IEEE

Area-Efficient VLSI Computation
Charles Eric Leiserson; April 1983; MIT Press

VLSI: Silicon Compilation and the Act of Automatic Microchip Design
Ronald F. Ayres; March 1983; Prentice Hall

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Signal and Power Integrity in Digital Systems: TTL, CMOS, and BiCMOS
J. Buchanan (Preface), B. Buchanan (Illustrator); January 1996; McGraw Hill

BiCMOS Technology and Applications
A. Alvarez (Ed.); August 1993; Kluwer Academic

IEEE Recommended Practice for Latchup Test Methods for CMOS
and BiCMOS Integrated-Circuit Process Characterization

IEEE Electron Devices Society; December 1991; IEEE

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CMOS IC Layout: Concepts, Methodologies, and Tools (Book+CD)
Dan Clein; December 1999; Butterworth-Heinemann

Low Power CMOS VLSI Circuit Design
Kaushik Roy, Sharat Prasad; November 1999; John Wiley & Sons

Design of Analog CMOS Integrated Circuits
Behzad Razavi; August 12, 1999; McGraw-Hill

CMOS Analog Circuit Design
Phillip E. Allen, Douglas R. Holberg; June 1999; Oxford Univ. Press

The Design and Implementation of Low-Power CMOS Radio Receivers
Derek K. Shaeffer, Thomas H. Lee; May 1999; Kluwer Academic

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Field Effect Devices and Applications: Devices for Portable, Low-Power, and Imaging Systems
D. W. Greve; October 1998; Prentice Hall

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