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Updated: November 1, 1999, 15:00 EST
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VHDL Design Representation and Synthesis
James R. Armstrong, F. Gail Gray; February 7, 2000; Prentice Hall

Real World FPGA Design with Verilog
Ken Coffman; November 15, 1999; Prentice Hall

Hardware Description Languages: Concepts and Principles
Sumit Ghosh; September 1999; IEEE

Modeling, Synthesis and Rapid Prototyping with the Verilog HDL (Book+CD)
Michael D. Ciletti; August 1999; Prentice Hall

Rapid Prototyping of Digital Systems (Book+CD)
James O. Hamblen, Michael D. Furman; August 1999; Kluwer Academic

1029.1-1998 IEEE Standard for VHDL Waveform and Vector Exchange to
Support Design and Test Verification (Waves) Language Reference Manual

IEEE; July 1999; IEEE

Verilog Designer's Library
Bob Zeidman, Robert Marc Zeidman; June 15, 1999; Prentice Hall

Verilog Digital System Design (Book+CD)
Zainalabedin Navabi; June 1999; McGraw Hill Text

Digital Systems Design With VHDL and Synthesis: An Integrated Approach
K. C. Chang; May 1999; IEEE Computer Society

Verilog Quickstart: A Practical Guide to Simulation and Synthesis in Verilog
James M. Lee; May 1999; Kluwer Academic

Principles of Verilog PLI
Swapnajit Mittra; March 1999; Kluwer Academic

The Verilog PLI Handbook: A User's Guide and Comprehensive Reference on
the Verilog Programming Language Interface

Stuart Sutherland; March 1999; Kluwer Academic

VHDL Coding Styles and Methodologies
Ben Cohen; February 1999; Kluwer Academic

Formal Semantics and Proof Techniques for Optimizing VHDL Models
K. Umamageswaran, S.L. Pandey, P.A. Wilsey; November 1998; Kluwer Academic

Verilog HDL Synthesis, A Practical Primer
J. Bhasker; October 1998; Star Galaxy Press

A VHDL Primer
J. Bhasker; September 16, 1998; Prentice Hall

Verilog Digital Computer Design: Algorithms into Hardware
Mark Gordon Arnold; September 1998; Prentice Hall

A VHDL Synthesis Primer, Second Edition
J. Bhasker; August 1, 1998; Star Galaxy Press

The Complete Verilog Book
Vivek Sagdeo; June 1998; Kluwer Academic

Essential VHDL: RTL Synthesis Done Right
Sundar Rajan; June 15, 1998; S & G Publishing

Douglas L. Perry; June 1998; McGraw-Hill

VHDL for Logic Synthesis
Andrew Rushton; June 1998; John Wiley & Son

Analog VHDL (Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing, Vol 16, No 2)
Andrzej T. Rosinski (Ed.), Alain Vachoux (Ed.); April 1998; Kluwer Academic Publishers; ISBN:

The Verilog Hardware Description Language (Book+CD)
Philip R. Moorby, Donald E. Thomas; May 1998; Kluwer Academic

VHDL and FPLDs in Digital Systems Design, Prototyping and Customization
Zoran Salcic; March 1998; Kluwer Academic

The Student's Guide to VHDL
Peter J. Ashenden; January 1998; Academic Press/Morgan Kaufmann

1076.3-1997: IEEE Standard VHDL Synthesis Packages (Book+Disk)
IEEE; January 1998; IEEE

VHDL Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
Ben Cohen; January 1998; Kluwer Academic

VHDL and AHDL Digital System Implementation
Frank A., Ph.D. Scarpino; December 1997; Prentice Hall

VHDL: Analysis and Modeling of Digital Systems
Zainalabedin Navabi; December 1997; McGraw Hill

Analog Behavioral Modeling With the Verilog-A Language (Book+Disk)
Dan Fitzpatrick, Ira Miller; November 1997; Kluwer Academic

VHDL Starter's Guide
Sudhakar Yalamanchili; November 1997; Prentice Hall

Digital System Design Using VHDL
Charles H., Jr. Roth; October 1997; PWS Pub. Co.

VHDL: A logic synthesis approach
David Naylor, Simon Jones; September 1997; Chapman & Hall

Logicworks Verilog Modeler: Interactive Circuit Simulation Software for
Windows and MacIntosh/Windows Version

Ltd. Capilano Computing Systems; August 1997; Addison-Wesley

Analog and Mixed-Signal Hardware Description Language
A.Vachoux (Ed.), J. Berge (Ed.), O. Levia (Ed.); June 1997; Kluwer Academic

Hardware Description Languages and their Applications
Carlos Delgado Kloos (Ed.), Eduard Cerny (Ed.); May 1997; Chapman & Hall

Introduction to VHDL
Derrick Hunter; January 16, 1997; Kluwer Academic

VHDL for Designers
Stefan Sjoholm, Lennart Lindh; January 10, 1997; Prentice Hall

Digital Design and Modeling With VHDL and Synthesis
Kwang-Chih Chang; December 1996; IEEE

Behavioral Synthesis and Component Reuse With VHDL
A.A. Jerraya, H. King, P. Kission, M. Rahmouni; November 1996; Kluwer Academic

Using Waves and VHDL for Effective Design and Testing
J.P. Hanna (Ed.), R.G. Hillman, H.L. Hirsch, T. Noh; November 1996; Kluwer Academic

A VHDL Synthesis Primer
Jayaram Bhasker; October 1996; Star Galaxy Pub.

VHDL Made Easy! (Book+CD)
David Pellerin, Douglas Taylor; September 1996; Prentice Hall

Analysis and Design of Digital Systems With VHDL
Allen M. Dewey; August 1996; PWS Pub. Co.

HDL Chip Design: A Practical Guide for Designing, Synthesizing and
Simulating ASICs & FPGAs Using VHDL or Verilog

Douglas J. Smith; June 1996; Doone Pub.

Hardware Component Modeling
J. Berge (Ed.), O. Levia (Ed.), J. Rouillard (Ed.); May 1996; Kluwer Academic

Quick-Turnaround ASIC Design in VHDL: Core-Based Behavioral Synthesis
M.S. Ben Romdhane, V.K. Madisetti, J.W. Hines; May 1996; Kluwer Academic

VHDL for Programmable Logic (Book+CD)
K. Skahill, J. Legenhausen, R. Wade, C. Wilner; May 1996; Addison-Wesley

Verilog HDL: A Guide to Digital Design and Synthesis (Book+CD)
Samir Palnitkar; February 12, 1996; Prentice Hall

Designer's Guide to VHDL
Peter J. Ashenden; December 1995; Academic Press/Morgan Kaufmann

VHDL for Logic Synthesis: An Introductory Guide for Achieving Design Requirements
Andrew Rushton; December 1995; McGraw Hill Text

VHDL: Features and Applications
J. Bhasker; September 1995; IEEE

VHDL Techniques, Experiments, and Caveats
Joseph R. Pick; September 1995; McGraw Hill

VDHL Modeling for Digital Design Synthesis
Y. Hsu, K.F. Tsai, J.T. Liu, E.S. Lin; June 1995; Kluwer Academic

Formal Semantics for VHDL
C.D. Kloos (Ed.), P.T. Breuer (Ed.), C. Del Kloos; April 1995; Kluwer Academic

Modeling in Analog Design
J. Berge (Ed.), O. Levia (Ed.), J. Rouillard (Ed.); April 1995; Kluwer Academic

A Designer's Guide to VHDL Synthesis
Douglas E. Ott, Thomas J. Wilderotter; December 1994; Kluwer Academic

A Guide to VHDL Syntax
J. Bhasker; October 24, 1994; Prentice Hall

A VHDL Primer: Revised Edition
J. Bhasker; September 6, 1994; Prentice Hall

IEEE Standard VHDL Language Reference Manual: IEEE STD 1076-1993
IEEE; August 1994; IEEE

Digital Design Using Abel
David Pellerin, Michael Holley; March 1994; Prentice Hall

Circuit Synthesis With VHDL
Roland Airiau, Jean-Michel Berge, Vincent Olive; January 1994; Kluwer Academic

Digital System Design Using VHDL
Chin-Hwa Lee; April 1993; Corraltek

A Guide to VHDL
Stanley Mazor, Patricia Langstraat; August 1993; Kluwer Academic

Structured Logic Design With VHDL
James R. Armstrong, Gail Gray; January 1993; Prentice Hall

VHDL Programming: With Advanced Topics
L. Baker; December 1992; John Wiley & Son Ltd.

VHDL: Analysis and Modeling of Digital Systems
Zainalabedin Navabi; September 1992; McGraw Hill College Div.

VHDL Designer's Reference
J. Berge, A. Fonkoua, S. Maginot, J. Rouillard; July 1992; Kluwer Academic

VHDL for Simulation, Synthesis, and Formal Proofs of Hardware
Jean Mermet (Ed.); June 1992; Kluwer Academic

Performance and Fault Modeling With VHDL
Joel M. Schoen (Ed.); January 1992; Prentice Hall

Applications of VHDL to Circuit Design
Randolph E. Harr, Alec G. Stanculescu (Ed.); July 1991; Kluwer Academic

Digital Design With Verilog HDL (Design Automation Series)
E. Sternheim, R. Singh, Y. Trivedi; May 1991; Chapman & Hall

Hardware Design and Simulation in VAL/VHDL
Larry M. Augustin; January 1991; Kluwer Academic

ASIC System Design With VHDL: A Paradigm
Steven S. Leung, Michael A. Shanblatt; June 1989; Kluwer Academic

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