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Sealed Battery Selection for Designers and Users
Michael R. Meurer; December 1, 2005 (!?); McGraw Hill

Practical Photovoltaics: Electricity from Solar Cells, 3rd Edition
Richard J. Komp; June 15, 1999; Aatec Pub.

Wind Energy Basics: A Guide to Small and Micro Wind Systems
Paul Gipe (Preface), Karen Perez; April 1999; Chelsea Green Pub.

Switchmode Power Supply Handbook, 2nd Edition
Keith Billings; March 1999; McGraw-Hill

1999 14th Annual Battery Conference on Applications and Advances
IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society; February 1999; IEEE

Electrochemical Supercapacitors: Scientific Fundamentals and Technological Applications
B. E. Conway; January 1999; Plenum Pub.

Handbook of Battery Materials
J.O. Besenhard; January 11, 1999; John Wiley & Sons

Electric Vehicle Battery Systems
Sandeep Dhameja; December 1998; Newnes

Power Supply Troubleshooting & Repair
Lanny L. Logan; August 1, 1998; PROMPT Publications

Modern Batteries: An Introduction to Electrochemical Power Sources, 2nd Edition
Colin A. Vincent, Bruno Scrosati; February 1998; Butterworth-Heinemann

Electrical Power: Motors, Controls, Generators, Transformers
Joe Kaiser; January 1998; Goodheart-Willcox Co.

Sourcebook on Lead-Acid Batteries and Standards Battery Collection Set
IEEE; January 1998; IEEE

Dynamic Power Management: Design Techniques and CAD Tools
L. Benini, G. De Micheli; November 1997; Kluwer Academic

Solar Made Simple: How to Use a Solar Panel to Charge Your RV Battery
Tom French; November 1997; Artifax Books

Switching Power Supply Design, 2nd Edition
Abraham I. Pressman; November 1997; McGraw Hill Text

Electric Hybrid Vehicles: Alternative Powerplants, Energy Management, and Battery Technology
Society of Automotive Engineers; August 1997; Society of Automotive Engineers

Power Supply Cookbook
Marty Brown; August 1997; Butterworth-Heinemann

Practical Guide to Quality Power for Sensitive Electronic Equipment, 2nd Edition
R.M. Waggoner (Ed.); August 1997; Intertec Pub.

Maintenance-Free Batteries: Lead-Acid, Nickel/Cadmium, Nickel/Hydride:
A Handbook of Battery Technology

D. Berndt; 1997; Research Studies Press Ltd.

Practical Guide to Power Distribution Systems for Information Technology Equipment
J.A. Dedad (Ed.), R. Waggoner (Ed.); Revised edition, June 1997; Intertec Pub.

Wind Energy Technology
J.F. Walker, N. Jenkins (Contributor); June 1997; John Wiley & Sons

Switched Mode Power Supplies: Design and Construction, 2nd Edition
H.W. Whittington, B.W. Flynn, D.E. MacPherson; April 1997; Research Studies Press

Managing 12-Volts: How to Upgrade, Operate, and Troubleshoot 12-Volt Electrical Systems
Harold Barre; August 1996; Summer Breeze Pub.

Simplified Design of Switching Power Supplies
John D. Lenk; August 1996; Butterworth-Heinemann

Synthesis of Power Distribution to Manage Signal Integrity in Mixed-Signal ICs
B.R. Stanisic, R.A. Rutenbar, L.R. Carley; June 1996; Kluwer Academic

Power Supply Projects
Staff Maplin; April 1996; Butterworth-Heinemann

Battery Reference Book
T. R. Crompton; January 1996; Society of Automotive Engineers

Power Hybrid Circuit Design and Manufacture
Haim Taraseiskey; 1996; Marcel Dekker

Power Supply in Telecommunications, 3rd Edition
Hans Gumhalter; January 1996; Springer Verlag

Simplified Design of Micropower and Battery Circuits (EDN Series for Design Engineers)
John D. Lenk; December 1995; Butterworth-Heinemann

IEEE Recommended Practice for Installation, Maintenance, Testing, and
Replacement of Vented Nickel-Cadmium Batteries for Stationary Applications

IEEE; October 1995; IEEE

Handbook of Solid State Batteries & Capacitors
M.Z.A. Munshi (Ed.), P.S.S. Prasad; June 1995; World Scientific Pub.

Wind Energy Comes of Age
Paul Gipe; June 1995; John Wiley & Sons

Power Management That Works
Bunnell; March 1995; Annabooks

Handbook of Batteries, 2nd Edition
David Linden (Ed.); January 1995; McGraw Hill Text

Battery Hazards and Accident Prevention
Samuel C. Levy, Per Bro; October 1994; Plenum Pub. Corp.

Solid State Batteries: Materials Design and Optimization
C. Julien, G. Nazri; May 1994; Kluwer Academic

The Electrochemistry of Novel Materials (Frontiers of Electrochemistry)
J. Lipkowski, P.N. Ross (Ed.); April 1994; John Wiley & Sons

Fuel Cell Systems
L.J.M.J. Blomen, M.N. Mugerwa (Ed.); April 1994; Plenum Pub.

Power Supplies, Switching Regulators, Inverters, and Converters
Irving M. Gottlieb; September 1993; Tab Books

High-Energy Non-Aqueous Batteries
A. Cisak, L. Werblan; June 1993; Ellis Horwood Ltd.

Battery Performance, Research and Development (Electric Vehicle Information Series)
J.A. Bereny; April 1993; Business/Technology Books

Power Semiconductor Devices and Circuits
Andre A. Jaecklin (Ed.); March 1993; Plenum Pub.

Practical RF Power Design Techniques
Irving M. Gottlieb; March 1993; Tab Books

Aircraft Batteries: Lead Acid/Nickel Cadmium (JS312644)
IAP; February 1993; IAP

Regulated Power Supplies
Irving M. Gottlieb; 4th Edition, May 1992; Tab Books

Practical Switching Power Supply Design
Marty Brown; April 1990; Academic Press

Battery Reference Book
T.R. Crompton; March 1990; Butterworth-Heinemann

RVer's Guide to Solar Battery Charging: 12-Volt DC 12-Volt AC Inverters
Noel Kirkby, Barbara Kirkby; August 1987; Aatec Pub.

Solid State Batteries
C.A.C. Sequeira (Ed.); November 1985; Martinus Nijhoff

Electrochemical Cell Design
Ralph E. White (Ed.); October 1984; Plenum Pub.

Modern Batteries: An Introduction to Electrochemical Power Sources
Colin A. Vincent; August 1984; Edward Arnold

Small Batteries: Primary Cells
Thomas Roy Crompton; April 1983; Halsted Press

Electrochemical Power Sources: Primary and Secondary Batteries
M. Barak (Ed.); May 1980; Inspec/IEE

Uninterruptible Power Supplies
David Griffith; Marcel Dekker

Switch Mode Power Conversion
K. Kit Sum; Marcel Dekker

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