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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Updated: November 14, 1999, 15:00 EST
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Marine and Coastal Geographical Information Systems
D. Wright (Ed.), D. Bartlett (Ed.); December 1999; Taylor & Francis

Spatial Accuracy Assessment: Land Information Uncertainty in Natural Resources
K. Lowell (Ed.), A. Jaton (Ed.); December 1999; Ann Arbor Press

Mathematical Principles of Remote Sensing
Andrew S. Milman; November 1999; Ann Arbor Press

Spatial Models and GIS: New Potential and New Models
A. Fotheringham (Ed.), M. Wegener (Ed.); November 1999; Taylor & Francis

Directory of Special Libraries and Information Centers: Geographic & Personnel Indexes
Gale Research; October 1999

Quantifying Spatial Uncertainty in Natural Resources:
Theory and Applications for GIS and Remote Sensing

R.G. Congalton, H.T. Mowrer; November 1999; Ann Arbor Press

Fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems
Michael N. Demers; October 1999; John Wiley & Sons

Stan Openshaw, Robert J. Abrahart; October 1999; Taylor & Francis

Advances in Remote Sensing and GIS Analysis
P. Atkinson (Ed.), N. Tate (Ed.); September 1999; John Wiley & Sons

Bringing Geographical Information Systems into Business
D. Grimshaw; 2nd Ed. September 1999; John Wiley & Sons

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The ESRI Guide to GIS Analysis Volume 1: Geographic Patterns & Relationships
Andy Mitchell; August 1999; ESRI Press

Extending ArcView GIS: Network Analyst, Spatial Analyst & 3D Analyst (Book+CD)
Tim Ormsby, Jonell Alvi; August 1999; ESRI Press

Geographic Information Research: Trans-Atlantic Perspectives
M. Craglia (Ed.), H. Onsrud (Ed.); July 1999; Taylor & Francis

Information Processing for Remote Sensing
C. H. Chen; July 1999; World Scientific Pub.

A Hierarchical Coordinate System for Geoprocessing and Cartography
Geoffrey H. Dutton; June 1999; Springer Verlag

Remote Sensing Change Detection: Environmental Monitoring Methods & Applcations
Ross S. Lunetta (Ed.), Christopher D. Elvidge (Ed.); June 1999; Ann Arbor Press

Transportation GIS (Book+CD)
Laura Lang; June 1999; ESRI Press

ArcView GIS/Avenue Developer's Guide (Book+Disk)
Amir H. Razavi; 3rd Ed. May 1999; OnWord Press

Machine Vision and Advanced Image Processing in Remote Sensing
I.Kanellopoulos (Ed.), G. Wilkinson (Ed.), T. Moons (Ed.); May 1999; Springer Verlag

GIS and Multicriteria Decision Analysis
Jacek Malczewski; March 1999; John Wiley & Sons

Remote Sensing Digital Image Analysis: An Introduction
X. Jia, J. Richards, W. Gessner (Ed.), D. Ricken (Ed.); 3rd Ed. March 1999; Springer Verlag

Spatial Multicriteria Decision Making and Analysis: A Geographic Information Sciences Approach
J. Thill (Ed.); March 1999; Ashgate Publishing Company

Geographic Information Systems: An Introduction
Tor Berhardsen; 2nd Ed. February 1999; John Wiley & Sons

Inside MapInfo Professional, 2nd Edition (Book+CD)
L. Daniel, A. Whitener, P. Loree; February 5, 1999; OnWord Press

Interoperating Geographic Information Systems
M. Goodchild (Ed.), M. Egenhofer (Ed.), R. Fegeas (Ed.); February 1999; Kluwer Academic

ARC Macro Language: Developing Arc/Info Menus and Macros with AML (Book+CD)
Editors of ESRI Press; January 1999; ESRI Press

Getting to Know ArcView GIS (Book+CD)
Editors of ESRI Press; January 1, 1999; ESRI Press

Inside Geomedia
D. Harmon, W. Limp; January 1999; OnWord Press

Geographic Information Systems: Principles, Techniques, Applications and Management
P. Longley (Ed.), M. Goodchild (Ed.), D. Maguire; 2nd Ed. December 11, 1998; John Wiley & Sons

Getting Started With Geographic Information Systems, 2nd Ed.
Keith C. Clarke; December 1998; Prentice Hall

Geographic Information Systems: GIS in Real Estate : Integrating, Analyzing, and
Presenting Locational Information

Gilbert H. Castle (Ed.); November 1998; Appraisal Institute

Assessing the Accuracy of Remotely Sensed Data: Principles and Practices
Russell G. Congalton, Kass Green; October 1998; Lewis Publishers

GIS Solutions in Natural Resource Management: Balancing the Technical-Political Equation
Stan Morain (Ed.); October 1998; OnWord Press

Interoperable and Distributed Processing in GIS
Andrej Vckovski; October 1998; Taylor & Francis

Digital Places: Living With Geographic Information Technologies
Michael R. Curry; September 1998; Routledge

Policy Issues in Modern Cartography
D. Taylor (Ed.); September 1998; Pergamon Press

Profiting from a Geographic Information System
Gilbert H. Castle; September 23, 1998; John Wiley & Sons

Causes and Consequences of Map Generalisation
Elsa M. Joao; July 1998; Taylor & Francis

Geographic Information Systems and the Law: Mapping the Legal Frontiers
George Cho; July 1998; John Wiley & Son

Serving Maps on the Internet: Geographic Information on the World Wide Web (Book+CD)
Christian Harder; July 1998; ESRI Press

Digest: A Primer for the International GIS Standard
Kelly Chan, John Lyon; June 1998; Lewis Publishers

The Dissemination of Spatial Data: A North American-European Comparative Study on
the Impact of Government Information Policy

Xavier R. Lopez; April 1998; Ablex Pub.

Error Propagation in Environmental Modelling With GIS
G. Heuvelink, M. Goodchild; April 1998; Taylor & Francis

GIS and Site Design (Book+CD)
Karen C. Hanna, R. Brian Culpepper; April 1998; John Wiley & Sons

Principles of Geographical Information Systems (Spatial Information Systems)
P. Burrough, R. McDonnell; 2 Edition April 1998; Oxford Univ. Press

Towards SQL Database Language Extensions: For Geographic Information Systems
V. Robinson (Ed.), H. Tom (Ed.); April 1998; Diane Publishing

European Geographic Information Infrastructures: Opportunities and Pitfalls
P.A. Burrough (Ed.), I. Masser (Ed.); March 1998; Taylor & Francis

GIS Data Conversion: Strategies, Techniques, and Management
Pat Hohl (Ed.); March 1998; OnWord Press

Governments and Geographic Information
Ian Masser; March 1998; Taylor & Francis

Inside Autodesk World (Book+CD)
D. Vance, C. Smith, J. Appell; March 1998; OnWord Press

Minding Your Business With MapInfo
Angela Whitener, Jeff Davis; March 1998; OnWord Press

Algorithmic Foundations of Geographic Information Systems
M. Van Kreveld (Ed.), T. Roos (Ed.), J. Nievergelt (Ed.); January 1998; Springer Verlag

Geographic Information Systems in Ecology (Methods in Ecology)
Carol A. Johnston; January 1998; Blackwell Science Inc.

Remote Sensing for Landscape Ecology: New Metric Indicators for
Monitoring, Modeling and Assessment of Ecosystems

Robert C. Frohn; January 1998; Lewis Publishers

Spatial and Temporal Reasoning in Geographic Information Systems
M. Egenhofer (Ed.), R. Golledge (Ed.); January 1998; Oxford Univ. Press

Beyond Maps: GIS & Decision Making in Local Government
John O'Looney; December 1997; Int'l City/County Mgm. Assn.

Geographical Information Systems and Computer Cartography
Christopher B. Jones; December 1997; Addison-Wesley

Parallel Processing Algorithms for GIS
R. Healey (Ed.), S.Dowers (Ed.), B. Gittings; December 1997; Taylor & Francis

Focus on GIS Component Software: Featuring ESRI's MapObjects (Book+CD)
Robert Hartman; September 1997; OnWord Press

Neurocomputation in Remote Sensing Data Analysis
I. Kanellopoulos (Ed.), G. Wilkinson (Ed.), F. Roli (Ed.); September 1997; Springer Verlag

Understanding GIS: The Arc/Info Method: Version 7.1 for Unix & Windows NT (Book+CD)
ESRI; September 1997; John Wiley & Sons

GIS Online: Information Retrieval, Mapping, and the Internet
Brandon Plewe; August 1997; OnWord Press

Processing Digital Images in Geographic Information Systems
A Tutorial Featuring ArcView and Arc/Info

D.L. Verbyla, K. Chang; July 1997; OnWord Press

Remote Sensing: Models and Methods for Image Processing
Robert A. Scowengerdt; 2nd Ed. July 1997; Academic Press

Intelligent Spatial Decision Support Systems
Yee Leung; June 1997; Springer Verlag

MapBasic Developer's Guide (Book+Disk)
Angela Whitener, Breck Ryker; June 1997; OnWord Press

Database Issues in Geographic Information Systems
Nabil R. Adam, Aryya Gangopadhyay; May 1997; Kluwer Academic

ArcView GIS/Avenue Programmer's Reference: Class Hierarchy Quick Reference & 100+ Scripts
A. Razavi, J. Alexander, V. Warwick; April 1997; OnWord Press

ArcView GIS Exercise Book, 2nd Ed. (Book+CD)
Pat Hohl, Brad Mayo; March 1997; OnWord Press

Exploring Geographic Information Systems
Nicholas Chrisman; March 1997; John Wiley & Sons

ArcView GIS Means Business (Book+CD)
Christian Harder; January 1997; ESRI Press

The GIS Book: Understanding the Value and Implementation of Geographic Information Systems
G. Korte; January 1997; OnWord Press

Scale in Remote Sensing and GIS
D. Quattrochi (Ed.), M. Goodchild; January 1997; Lewis Publishers

Fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems
Michael N. Demers; December 1996; John Wiley & Sons

Getting Started With Geographic Information Systems
Keith C. Clarke; December 1996; Prentice Hall

Inside ArcView GIS (Book+CD)
S. Hutchinson, L. Daniel; 2nd Ed. December 1996; OnWord Press

Spatial Analytical Perspectives on GIS
M. Fischer (Ed.), H. Sholten (Ed.), D. Unwin (Ed.); December 1996; Taylor & Francis

Spatial Database Transfer Standards 2: Characteristics for Assessing Standards and
Full Descriptions of the National and International Standards

H. Moellering (Ed.), R. Hogan (Ed.); December 1996; Elsevier Science Ltd.

Inside Arc/Info (Book+CD)
Michael D. Zeiler; October 1996; OnWord Press

Beyond Mapping: Concepts, Algorithms, and Issues in GIS
Joseph K. Berry; September 1996; John Wiley & Sons

Introduction to Remote Sensing
James B. Campbell; 2nd Edition September 1996; Guilford Press

Raster Imagery in Geographic Information Systems
S. Morain (Ed.), S. Lopez-Baros (Ed.); August 1996; OnWord Press

Remote Sensing and GIS for Site Characterization: Applications and Standards
V. Singhroy (Ed.), D. Nebert (Ed.), A. Johnson (Ed.); June 1996

Anthropology, Space, and Geographic Information Systems
M. Aldenderfer (Ed.), H. Maschner; May 1996; Oxford Univ. Press

Geographic Information Systems: A Visual Approach
Bruce E. Davis; May 1996; OnWord Press

The Global Positioning System and GIS: An Introduction (Book+CD)
Michael Kennedy; May 1996; Ann Arbor Press

1996 Directory of Academic GIS Education
J. Morgan, B. Fleury, R. Becker; April 1996; Kendall/Hunt Publishing

Understanding MapInfo: A Structured Guide
Ian Johnson; April 1996; Archaeological Computing Laboratory

ArcView Exercise Book (Book+CD)
Pat Hohl, Brad Mayo; March 1996; OnWord Press

GIS and Environmental Modeling: Progress and Research Issues
M. Goodchild (Ed.), B. Parks (Ed.), L. Steyaert; March 1996; GIS World

GIS Diffusion: The Adoption and Use of Geographical Information Systems in
Local Government in Europe

I. Masser (Ed.), H. Campbell (Ed.), M. Craglia (Ed.); March 1996; Taylor & Francis

Global Environment Change: Perspectives of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System
R.B. Singh (Ed.); February 1996; Balkema Publishers

Geographic Information Systems: Socioeconmic Applications
David Martin; January 1996; Routledge

GIS and Organizations
H. Campbell, I. Masser; October 1995; Taylor & Francis

Archaeology and Geographical Information Systems: A European Perspective
G. Lock (Ed.), Z. Stancic (Ed.); September 1995; Taylor & Francis

Cognitive Aspects of Human-Computer Interaction for Geographic Information Systems
T.Nyerges (Ed.), D.Mark (Ed.), R.Laurini (Ed.), M.Egenhofer (Ed.); September 1995; Kluwer Academic

Oceanographic Application of Remote Sensing
M.Ikeda (Ed.), F.Dobson (Ed.); September 1995; CRC Press

Introductory Digital Image Processing: A Remote Sensing Perspective
John R. Jensen; 2nd Edition, August 24, 1995; Prentice Hall

Wetlands and Environmental Applications of GIS (Mapping Science)
J. Lyon (Ed.), J. McCarthy (Ed.); August 1995; Lewis Publishers

Geographical Information Systems in Assessing Natural Hazards
A. Carrara, F. Guzzetti (Ed.); July 1995; Kluwer Academic

The Added Value of Geographical Information Systems in Public and Environmental Health
M. De Lepper, H. Scholten, R. Stern (Ed.); June 1995; Kluwer Academic

Analytical and Computer Cartography (Book+Disk)
Keith C. Clarke; May 1995; Prentice Hall

Resource Management Information Systems: Process and Practice
Keith R. McCloy; May 1995; Taylor & Francis

GIS and Generalisation: Methodology and Practice
J. Muller (Ed.), J. Lagrange; April 1995; Taylor & Francis

Advances in Environmental Remote Sensing
F. Danson (Ed.), S.. Plummer (Ed.); April 1995; John Wiley & Son

Environmental GIS: Applications to Industrial Facilities
William J. Douglas; January 1995; Lewis Publishers

Managing Geographic Information System Projects
W. Huxhold, A. Levinsohn; December 1994; Oxford Univ. Press

Microwave Scattering and Emission Models and Their Applications (Remote Sensing)
Adrian K. Fung; December 1994; Artech House

Geographic Information Systems for Geoscientists: Modelling With GIS
G. Bonham-Carter; November 1994; Pergamon Press

Environmental Information Management and Analysis: Ecosystem to Global Scales
W.K. Michener, J.W. Brunt, S.G. Stafford; July 1994; Taylor & Francis

Mountain Environments and Geographic Information Systems
M. Price, D. I. Heywood (Ed.); July 1994; Taylor & Francis

Geographic Information Systems Guide to Technology
Autenucc; June 1994; Chapman & Hall

Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems: An Integration of
Technologies for Resource Management

ASPRS Publications; June 1994;

Geographical Information Handling: Research and Applications
Paul M. Mather (Ed.); February 1994; John Wiley & Son

Practical Handbook of Digital Mapping: Terms and Concepts
S. Arlinghaus (Ed.); February 1994; CRC Press

Spatial Analysis and GIS
Stewart Fotheringham, P. Rogerson (Ed.); February 1994; Taylor & Francis

Remote Sensing and Image Interpretation
Thomas M. Lillesand, Ralph W. Kiefer; 3rd Ed. January 1994; John Wiley & Sons

Geographic Information Systems in Government: Realizing the Opportunities
The Stationery Office; December 1993

Environmental Modeling With GIS
M. Goodchild, B. Parks; August 1993; Oxford University Press

GIS Data Conversion Handbook
Glenn E. Montgomery, Harold C. Schuch; August 1993; GIS World

Terrain Analysis and Distributed Modelling in Hydrology
K.J. Beven, I.D. Moore (Ed.); February 1993; John Wiley & Son

Geographic Information Systems, Spatial Modelling and Policy Evaluation
M. Fischer, P. Nijkamp (Ed.); January 1993; Springer Verlag

MacGIS 2.0 a Geographic Information System for the MacIntosh (Book+Disk)
Larson Hulse; December 1992; Harpercollins

Geographic Information Systems Sourcebook
GIS World; October 1992

Geographic Information Systems (GIS and Mapping-Practices and Standards)
A. Johnson, C. Petterson, J. Fulton (Ed.); August 1992; Amer. Society for Testing

Geographic Information Systems: A Global Perspective
D. Reinhardt; June 1992; Cutter Information Corp

Time in Geographic Information Systems
April 1992; Taylor & Francis

Handling Geographical Information: Methodology and Potential Applications
Ian Masser, Michael Blakemore; December 1991; Longman Pub.

Spatial Database Transfer Standards: Current International Status
H. Moellering (Ed.); December 1991; Elsevier Applied Science

Geographical Information Systems: Principles and Applications, 2-Volume Set
D. Maguire (Ed.), M. Goodchild, D. Rhind (Ed.); October 1991; John Wiley & Sons

Hydroinformatics: Information Technology and the Aquatic Environment
Michael B. Abbott; September 1991; Avebury

Design of Mission Operations Systems for Scientific Remote Sensing
Stephen D. Wall, Kenneth W. Ledbetter; August 1991; Taylor & Francis

Laser Remote Sensing: Fundamentals and Applications
Raymond M. Measures; August 1991; Krieger Publishing

Remote Sensing & Geographical Information Systems for Resource Management in Developing Countries
A. Belward, C. Valenzuela (Ed.); July 1991; Kluwer Academic

Survey on Geographic Information Systems
Richard K. Miller; June 1991; Future Technology Surveys

Geographic Information Systems: The Microcomputer and Modern Cartography
D. Taylor (Ed.); March 1991; Pergamon Press

An Introduction to Urban Geographic Information Systems
William E. Huxhold; March 1991; Oxford Univ. Press

Interpreting Space: GIS and Archaeology
K. Allen, S. Green, E. Zubrow (Ed.); February 1991; Taylor & Francis

Geographic Information Systems: An Assessment of Technology, Applications, and Products
Terri C. Walker, Richard K. Miller; December 1990; Seai Technical Pub.

Geographic and Land Information Systems for Practicing Surveyors: A Compendium
H. Onsrud, D. Cook (Ed.); June 1990; Amer. Congress on Surveying

The Accuracy of Spatial Databases
Michael R. Goodchild (Ed.); February 1990; Taylor & Francis

Geographic Information Systems: An Introduction
J. Star, J. Estes; January 1990; Prentice Hall

Mathematics in Remote Sensing
S.R. Brooks (Ed.); December 1989; Clarendon Press

Introduction to Remotely Sensed Data
B.A. Harrison, D.L.B. Jupp; September 1989; Commonwealth Sci Industrial

Microwave Radiometer Systems: Design and Analysis (Remote Sensing)
Niels Skou; September 1989; Artech House

Three Dimensional Applications in Geographical Information Systems
Jonathan Raper (Ed.); September 1989; Taylor & Francis

Fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems: A Compendium
William J. Ripple (Ed.); August 1989; Amer. Congress on Surveying

Theory and Applications of Optical Remote Sensing
Ghassem Asrar (Ed.); July 1989; John Wiley & Sons

Digital Image Processing in Remote Sensing
Jan-Peter Muller (Ed.); November 1988; Taylor & Francis

Encyclopedia of Geographic Information Sources
Gale Research; January 1988

Introduction to the Physics and Techniques of Remote Sensing
Charles Elachi; August 1987; John Wiley & Sons

Geographic Information Systems in Government
Bruce K. Opitz; December 1986; A. Deepak Publishing

Theory of Microwave Remote Sensing
Leung Tsang; 2nd Edition July 1985; John Wiley & Sons

Microwave Remote Sensing
F. Ulaby, R. Moore (Ed.), A. Fung (Ed.); December 1982; Artech House

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